Autodesk 3ds Max 9 Essentials MAXScript


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Welcome to the MAXScript Essentials courseware for Autodesk 3ds Max 9. In this book you will learn some of the techniques for automating repetitive tasks using the MAXScript scripting language. You will learn how MAXScript can be used to customize 3ds Max to make you more productive.With MAXScript, you can interact with a 3ds Max scene, and control actions to be performed automatically with script statements, or operations. After writing the operations in text form (the script), 3ds Max will interpret the script and executes the operations. These text scripts can be saved and used again at any time. MAXScript encompasses almost all of the 3ds Max features.
Everyone can learn to write scripts at some level. How sophisticated your scripts eventually become depends on three factors:

Practice  Working with MAXScript and studying scripts that other people have written to help develop your scripting capabilities.
Basic mathematics  An understanding of basic mathematics is important. A good foundation in trigonometry is helpful.
Programming experience  Although not necessary, some prior programming experience is very helpful.The best resource for working with MAXScript is the MAXScript Reference, the online help file that ships with 3ds Max. The primary purposes of the MAXScript Reference are to provide a comprehensive reference to all MAXScript tools, and to show you how to use them. Learning how to use the MAXScript Reference is an important part of learning how to script. One exercise in this edition shows you how to look up information in the online reference so you can continue to learn long after you've completed the exercises.
Once you have worked through this material, you'll be ready to look at scripts that others have written. In scripts, you might see scripting methods that you haven't seen before, or some tasks performed differently from the way you do them. In scripting,
there are usually several ways to accomplish a given task, and as you write larger and more complex scripts, you will develop your own scripting style.


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