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Java Programming Ebooks 2008 CD | English | 488.59 MB
Recommended Books for Programmers

Recommended Books for Programmers
Algorithms In Java, Parts 1-4, 2002.chm
Java Concurrency In Practice, 2006.chm
Ant, The Definite Guide, 2005.chm
Professional Eclipse 3, For Java Developers, 2005.pdf
Beginning Hibernate, 2006.pdf
Java, Java, Java - Object-Oriented Problem Solving, 2005.chm

Directory Layout (size in MB)
27M   ./Advanced Topics
27M   ./Ant
33M   ./Application Servers
11M   ./Data Structures
40M   ./Design Patterns
63M   ./Eclipse
90M   ./Enterprise
41M   ./General
18M   ./Hibernate
78M   ./Learning Java
58M   ./Swing, Graphics
6.5M   ./Virtual Machine
489M   .

./Advanced Topics:
   Beginning Cryptography With Java, 2005.chm
   Better, Faster, Lighter Java, 2004.chm
   Beyond Java, 2005.chm
   Covert Java - Techniques For Decompiling, Patching, And Reverse Engineering, 2004.pdf
   Hardcore Java, 2004.chm
   Inside Java 2 Platform Security, 2003.chm
   JRuby on Rails, 2007.pdf
   Java Concurrency In Practice, 2006.chm
   Java Extreme Programming Cookbook, 2003.pdf
   Java Network Programming, 3rd Edition, 2004.chm
   Java Puzzlers - Traps, Pitfalls, And Corner Cases, 2005.chm
   Java Reflection in Action, 2005.pdf
   Pro JSF and Ajax, 2007.pdf
   Scripting in Java, 2007.pdf

   Ant, In Action, 2007.pdf
   Ant, The Definite Guide, 2005.chm
   Pro Apache Ant, 2006.pdf

./Application Servers:
   Beginning JBoss Seam, 2007.pdf
   Java EE 5 with Glassfish Application Server, 2007.pdf
   Practical JBoss Seam Projects, 2007.pdf
   Pro Apache Tomcat 6, 2007.pdf
   Tomcat, The Definitive Guide, 2008.pdf

./Data Structures:
   Algorithms In Java, Part 5, 2002.chm
   Algorithms In Java, Parts 1-4, 2002.chm
   Java Generics And Collections, 2006.chm

./Design Patterns:
   Antipatterns, 2006.pdf
   Applied Java Patterns, 2001.pdf
   Concurrent Programming in Java, Design Patterns, 1999.chm
   Design Patterns Explained, 2000.pdf
   Design Patterns Workbook, 2002.pdf
   Design Patterns, Elements of Reusable Code, 1995.chm
   J2EE Design Patterns, 2003.chm
   Pattern Language for Parallel Programming, 2004.pdf
   Patterns in Java, 2002.chm

   Contributing to Eclipse, 2003.chm
   Eclipse Cookbook, 2004.chm
   Eclipse Distilled, 2005.chm
   Eclipse Rich Client Platform, 2005.chm
   Eclipse Web Tools Platform, 2007.pdf
   Eclipse, Building Commercial-Quality Plug-ins, 2006.chm
   Official Eclipse 3 FAQs.chm
   Pocket Reference, Eclipse IDE, 2005.chm
   Professional Eclipse 3, For Java Developers, 2005.pdf

   Agile Java Development With Spring, Hibernate, And Eclipse, 2006.chm
   Art Of Java Web Development, 2004.pdf
   Beginning Spring 2, 2008.pdf
   Core JavaServer Faces, 2007.chm
   Definite Guide to Grails, 2006.pdf
   Effective Enterprise Java, 2004.chm
   Enterprise JavaBeans, 4th Edition, 2004.chm
   Java EE And .NET Interoperability, 2006.chm
   Java Enterprise In A Nutshell, 2005.chm
   Java Message Service, 2001.pdf
   Java Servlet and JSP Cookbook, 2004.chm
   Java Web Development using Hibernate, JSP and Servlets, 2007.pdf
   Pro Ajax and Java Frameworks, 2006.pdf
   Pro Spring, 2005.chm

   Definite ANTLR Reference, 2007.pdf
   Foundations of Object-Oriented Languages, 2002.pdf
   JUnit Recipes, 2005.pdf
   Java After Hours 10 Projects You'll Never Do at Work, 2005.chm
   Java Job Interview Companion, 2005.pdf
   Java Phrasebook, 2006.chm
   Mac OS X For Java Geeks, 2003.chm
   Object Oriented Programming Languages, Interpretation, 2007.pdf
   Object-Oriented Software Construction.pdf
   UML 2.0 in a Nutshell, 2005.chm
   User Interface Design for Programmers, 2001.pdf

   Apache Derby, Off to the Races, 2005.chm
   Beginning Hibernate, 2006.pdf
   Java Persistence with Hibernate, 2007.pdf

./Learning Java:
   Beginning POJOs, 2006.pdf
   Core Java 2 Volume I, 2004.chm
   Core Java 2 Volume II, 2004.chm
   Introduction To Computing And Programming With Java - A Multimedia Approach, 2006.chm
   Java 1.5, A Developer's Notebook, 2004.pdf
   Java 6 Platform Revealed, 2006.pdf
   Java Cookbook, 2004.chm
   Java IO, 2006.chm
   Java Precisely, 2002.pdf
   Java, How To Program, 2004.chm
   Java, Java, Java - Object-Oriented Problem Solving, 2005.chm
   Learning Java, 2005.chm

./Swing, Graphics:
   Developing Games In Java, 2003.chm
   Filthy Rich Clients, 2007.pdf
   Intro to Computer Graphics, Undergraduate, Java, 2008.pdf
   Java Swing, 2nd Edition, 2002.chm
   Killer Game Programming In Java, 2005.chm
   SWT A Developers Notebook, 2004.chm
   SWT and JFace in Action, 2005.pdf
   Software Visualization, 2007.pdf
   Swing Hacks, 2005.chm

./Virtual Machine:
   Inside the Java Virtual Machine, 1997.chm
   JVM Instruction Reference (draft).chm
   Java Language Specification, 3rd Edition, 2005.chm
   Java and the JVM, 2001.pdf
   Programming for the Java Virtual Machine, 1999.chm

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