MathCAD Prime 1.0 (16.0 Build F000)


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MathCAD Prime 1.0 (16.0 Build F000)
2010 | 1.0 Gb

MathCAD  Prime 1.0 (16.0 Build F000) - a powerful computer-aided design,  oriented to the preparation of interactive documents with mathematical  calculations and visual playback, features easy handling and use of  groupware.
The company Parametric Technology Corporation was founded in 1985  (headquartered in Needham (Needham, USA)). Throughout time creative team  develops for companies working in the field of discrete manufacturing,  advanced software solutions and services that meet the modern  requirements of globalization, as well as reduce time to market for new  products and increase productivity in the development of innovative  products. Parametric Technology Corporation customers include leading  manufacturing companies in the aerospace, defense, automotive and  electronics industries, as well as in the industries of industrial and  medical equipment. The company's turnover in fiscal 2009 totaled 938  million dollars.

Mathcad was conceived and originally written by  Allen Razdovom from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT),  co-founder of Mathsoft, which since 2006 is part of the corporation PTC  (Parametric Technology Corporation). Mathcad relates to systems for  computer algebra, that is, automation of mathematical calculations. In  this class of software, there are many analogues of various orientations  and principles of construction. Mathcad most often compared to such  software complexes, as Maple, Mathematica, MATLAB, and also with their  counterparts MuPAD, Scilab, Maxima, etc. However, objective comparison  is complicated due to the different purpose of the program and the  ideology of their use.

The main difference between Mathcad from  similar programs - a graphic instead of text input mode expressions. For  a set of commands, functions, formulas can be used as a keyboard and  buttons on numerous special toolbars. In any case - the formula will be  familiar, similar bookish appearance. That is a special preparation for a  set of formulas is not necessary. Calculations with the introduced  formulas made by the user, or instantly, along with the set, or on  command. The usual formulas are calculated left to right and top to  bottom (like reading the text). Any variables, formulas, parameters can  be changed by observing firsthand the corresponding changes in the  result. This enables the organization really interactive computer  documents.

Major new features in MathCAD Prime 1.0:

-  Improved usability and discoverability - Experienced users can complete  more tasks with less effort, and new users will spend less time  learning to use Mathcad Prime 1.0
- Document-centric calculation  environment - Reduce the time it takes to develop a design worksheet, by  combining math, text and images on one document. That means less time  editing and formatting your worksheet
- Advanced Math Exploration -  Quickly and easily create calculations for testing - before committing  them to a design, and reducing re-work in the design process
-  Numeric functions library - With ready-to-use numeric functions, you'll  be able to tackle any computational problem, saving time and effort
-  Dynamic Units Checking - Now you have full support for units throughout  all calculations created in Mathcad Prime 1.0, resulting in reduced  errors and higher accuracy, while improving process efficiency in  product development
- Reverse compatibility - Quickly convert most  engineering worksheets saved in previous versions back to Mathcad 7.0,  while summarizing any specific compatibility issues, minimizing any work  to recreate calculations and worksheets
- WYSIWYG equation editor -  Express problem constraints and solutions in natural math notation -  focusing on the calculations, while spending less time manipulating the  document
- Design of Experiments (DoE) - Save time, effort and expense by creating fewer, yet more intelligent experiments
- Maximize productivity with full Windows 7 support

Mathcad  Prime 1.0 greatly enhances the overall user experience with a new  interface within a document-centric calculations environment, and  advanced math exploration. The result: you spend more time engineering  and less time documenting.

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Language: multilingual
File format: rar
Platform / OS: Window XP / Vista / Seven 32bit

Year: 2010
File Size: 1.0 Gb

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